Email marketing is a vital marketing tool for any business

It’s a way for you to connect directly with your audience.

It can be measured to an incredible degree.

And it’s easily ignored. Allow me to reveal a world in which email is a hero on your marketing team.

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Email Marketing isn't new and shiny. But it works.

I get it – with all the marketing you have to stay on top of, email is probably not high on your priority list. You just set up the automations and they run on their own, right? And the newsletters you send, they follow a template and basically mirror your other marketing, right?

Yes, and no. 

I’m Nadee, and when I discovered the world of email marketing it was like wandering into a new world with no map. But after 5+ years working with all types of clients, I can be your guide. The magic of email is that it’s both creative and highly measurable. I love that about email. 

I can help you put the strategy back into your email marketing.  

My startup co-founder and I worked with Nadee to start our marketing strategy and she laid the foundation, taking into account complex needs for our three segments of users. She understood our goals and helped shape the approach and tactics, and trained us up on the way.

Alissa Condra

Co-founder and CTO, BoxHawk